ACV Gummies Keto : Unmasking the Scam


The world of health supplements is vast and confusing, especially with the rising popularity of keto diets. Among the many products available, keto apple cider vinegar (ACV) gummies have gained significant attention. But are they what they claim to be?

The Gummy Brands: ACV Gummies

You may have come across brands like Goli, Keto Blast, Biolyfe, and Via Keto, thinking they’re offering something unique. However, a surprising revelation is that they’re all exactly the same. These brands market identical ACV gummies under different names. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are even more such “aliases” lurking in the market.

The Big Question:

Do these ACV gummies genuinely aid weight loss or keto? How practical is it to consume ACV in this form? The ingredients, as listed, might give some insight.

The Ingredients: ACV Gummies

  • Dosage Issues: While the recommended dose for all these gummies is 2 pieces three times a day, some discrepancies lie in the actual content.
  • Efficacy: Most supplements face three core problems:
    • Inadequate dosing
    • Lack of active compounds
    • The ingredient not having a proven effect

As we dive into the ingredients of these gummies, it becomes evident that they’re no exception.

ACV Gummies

Claims Surrounding Apple Cider Vinegar:

  1. Blood Sugar Control: Acetic acid, the main component in ACV, is said to help regulate blood sugar levels. However, this component is also found in regular white vinegar, making the pricier ACV redundant.
  2. Appetite and Digestion: Contrary to claims, ACV might stimulate appetite, which isn’t beneficial for those aiming to lose weight.
  3. Probiotics: The sediment in ACV is minimal, and it’s mostly fiber and manufacturing remnants, not health-boosting probiotics.
  4. Energy Boost: Some people argue that ACV’s sourness can elevate energy. However, this boost might be more from the tangy taste than the ACV itself.

The Reality Behind Gummies: ACV Gummies

  • Quantity: The gummies offer only a fraction of the ACV content you might expect. To get the equivalent of 2 tablespoons of ACV, you’d need to consume an entire bottle of gummies every day!
  • Sugar Content: This high consumption also means ingesting vast amounts of sugar and starch, hindering weight loss and posing health risks.
  • Other Ingredients: With minuscule quantities of beneficial ingredients like vitamin B12 and negligible amounts of organic beetroot and pomegranate, these gummies fall short of their health claims.
  • Cost: At approximately $60 a month for these gummies, it’s more cost-effective to buy generic apple cider vinegar and consume it directly.


  • Effectiveness for weight loss: F (It may even impede weight loss)
  • Cost: F (Expensive for a candy substitute)
  • Safety: C (Potential harm to tooth enamel)

Final Thoughts:

It’s alarming how products like these can be marketed as health supplements, even getting shelves in esteemed establishments like Walmart. For those on a keto diet, these gummies could be a major setback with their high sugar content. It’s akin to promoting a cigarette brand for lung health.

Brands continuously release these gummies under new names, cashing in on the novelty factor. It’s a marketing gimmick where the same product gets a fresh start every time under a different alias.

Conclusion: ACV Gummies

Gummies, by nature, are candies. Packaging them with a dash of ACV doesn’t transform them into health supplements. Dr. Brian Yeung emphasizes the importance of staying informed and making choices that genuinely benefit health.


What are your thoughts on these gummies? Do you think they’re worth it? Share your views in the comments, and if you found this article useful, don’t forget to share it with friends and family!

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