Ozempic, Food and Ozempic side effect


Discover the relationship between Ozempic and food. Learn what to eat and what to avoid to make the most of your treatment.


What’s Ozempic?

Ozempic is an easy, weekly injection that comprises the burden loss medicine semaglutide, which lets you drop extra pounds.

Its unique function was as a diabetes drug, developed to assist adults with sort 2. Diabetes management and enhance blood sugar ranges. Nevertheless, medical trials have highlighted that Ozempic can be a protected and efficient remedy for obese and overweight sufferers to help weight reduction [1].

Ozempic is the medicine we use as a part of our Juniper Weight Reset Programme.

How does Ozempic work?

Ozempic mimics a pure hormone in your physique, referred to as GLP-1 [2]. This hormone is produced by your digestive system in response to when meals is consumed.

It acts on each the mind and the digestive system to control how full you are feeling. After a meal and slows down the emptying of your abdomen into the remainder of your digestive system.

GLP-1 additionally regulates insulin secretion in response to consuming meals in order that your blood sugar is healthier managed. And reduces your urge for food by signalling your mind that you’ve got eaten a meal.

Ozempic acts identical to this pure hormone to make you are feeling fuller for longer. Cut back your cravings for extra meals, and improve the way in which your physique regulates blood sugar ranges and the storage of fats.

Who’s eligible for Ozempic?

Ozempic is appropriate for many who are clinically overweight, or considerably obese with a weight-related well being situation — corresponding to hypertension, PCOS, coronary heart illness, or osteoarthritis.

You should use Ozempic for weight reduction as a part of the. Juniper Weight Reset Programme if you’re aged between 18 and 75 and:

  • Have a physique mass index (BMI) of 30 or extra (clinically overweight); or
  • Have a physique mass index of 27 or extra (considerably obese). And a medical situation that’s usually induced, or made worse, by extra physique weight.

To search out out if you happen to’re eligible. You may full the free on-line session with one in every of our registered prescribers.

We’ll evaluate your well being historical past and any present medical, Circumstances to find out if the Ozempic remedy is appropriate for you.

Who just isn’t appropriate for Ozempic?

You will need to word that Ozempic and our programme will not be appropriate for many who are/have:

  • Beneath 18 or over 75 years of age
  • Pregnant, breastfeeding, or conceiving
  • Kind 1 diabetes
  • Thyroid cancers or a household historical past of thyroid cancers
  • A number of Endocrine Neoplasia Kind 2 (MEN2)
  • Liver illness
  • Medical historical past of pancreatitis
  • Diabetic eye illness

What meals ought to I eat whereas taking Ozempic?

The excellent news is there aren’t any particular Ozempic meals to keep away from and no customised food plan suggestions. All we advise is that you simply preserve a nutritious diet and constantly incorporate way of life adjustments.

A balanced dietary consumption, along with common train will assist. To assist weight reduction alongside your Ozempic remedy — and importantly keep away from weight regain.

The NHS Eatwell Information is a good place to begin with how a balanced meal ought to seem like — from meals wealthy. In nutritional vitamins to more healthy alternate options to assist fulfill these meals cravings.

One benefit of taking Ozempic is that it makes you are feeling fuller faster. so this may be useful when getting ready smaller meals.

What sorts of meals can assist with weight administration?

A food plan that’s excessive in fruit and veggies is an effective way to begin and management weight administration. It will assist replenish the physique with key nutritional vitamins, and minerals and avoids saturated fat and closely processed meals.

Elevated fiber — corresponding to swapping white rice for brown rice or entire grains — not solely helps with good digestive motion however can be low in energy, serving to assist metabolic well being.

Proteins — particularly lean protein corresponding to turkey. Or white fish — are a incredible approach by which to make your self really feel fuller and push again the starvation.

Non-meat eaters can nonetheless discover dietary advantages. From quite a lot of meals corresponding to chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils and spinach.

What meals ought to I keep away from whereas taking it?

No particular meals should be prevented whereas taking Ozempic. And there’s no mounted Ozempic food plan or meal plans — one much less factor so that you can fear about!

For sure individuals, carbohydrates, sugary, high-fat, closely processed and calorie-dense meals are off-limits when weight-reduction plan. Nevertheless, this will make sticking to a weight reduction purpose even tougher.

Bear in mind all varieties of fats are excessive in vitality and ought to be eaten in small quantities. In the end, it is down to every particular person what they devour; above all. It’s most necessary simply to take care of an total wholesome way of life.

Once more, the NHS Eatwell Information is useful in figuring out. What a balanced plate of meals seems to be like — though every part could also be altered based mostly in your preferences.

No meals will negatively influence Ozempic, so long as you’re inside your calorific purpose. Consuming sparsely additionally means you will not really feel disadvantaged in your weight reduction journey.


Can sure meals make the negative side effects of Ozempic worse?

The commonest negative effects reported whereas taking Ozempic are nausea and diarrhoea. These often move after a number of quick weeks. Sure meals can set off these signs extra usually than others.

Should you expertise these signs while taking Ozempic. Meals to keep away from to cut back your signs embrace fried meals and high-fat meals.

These embrace quick meals, and high-sugar meals which are often troublesome in your physique to digest and. May make nausea and/or diarrhea worse or extra widespread whereas utilizing Ozempic — particularly within the first few weeks of remedy.

Can sure meals assist counteract the negative side effects of Ozempic?

There are some things you are able to do to assist curb the extra widespread negative effects of Ozempic like nausea. Diarrhoea, vomiting, bloating and delicate abdomen ache.

  • Eat slowly, and smaller meals
  • Search for meals excessive in water content material — like soups
  • Eat meals which are mild and bland and low fats corresponding to crackers, entire wheat toast and brown rice
  • Drink clear or ice-cold drinks like water and unsweetened tea
  • Keep away from meals which are greasy, very candy or fried meals in addition to sugary drinks
  • Slowly eat meals excessive in fibre and incorporate wholesome fat
  • Limiting closely processed meals and sugary meals to keep away from excessive blood sugar ranges

Way of life adjustments

Different suggestions you could discover helpful to counteract the negative side effects of Ozempic can embrace:

  • Go outdoor for a delicate stroll and a few contemporary air — particularly helps with nausea
  • Check out a food plan and train program
  • Keep away from mendacity down after you eat

Does Ozempic make you not need to eat?

Ozempic curbs your urge for food to a level by slowing your digestive course of — an impact some individuals get greater than others. Nevertheless, Ozempic doesn’t often make you not need to eat in any respect.

As you proceed with Ozempic remedy, your dosage of the prescription medicine will improve so your physique can get used to the drug.

How does Ozempic have an effect on the physique?

Ozempic works in the identical approach as a pure hormone (GLP-1) which acts as a sign to receptors in cells in numerous components of your physique. Ozempic impacts the physique by:

  • Signaling your mind that you simply’ve eaten a meal so it’s best to really feel much less hungry and fewer prone to attain for a snack between meal instances
  • Telling your pancreas to be extra aware of will increase in blood sugar after consuming or ingesting in order that much less of what you eat is finally saved as fats
  • Telling your abdomen to empty extra slowly after a meal so that you simply really feel fuller for longer, and in addition serving to management blood sugar ranges by making the rise extra gradual

Different issues to keep away from whereas taking it

Should you really feel advantageous and don’t have any negative effects then there’s nothing particular you will need to keep away from. After all, a wholesome balanced food plan is necessary to make the perfect progress in your weight reduction journey, however that doesn’t imply you may’t nonetheless have some treats.

Everyone seems to be completely different, so be guided by what your physique is attempting to let you know — if sure issues don’t agree with you whereas on Ozempic, attempt to keep away from or restrict these meals or drinks.

Alcohol consumption

Many sufferers have requested or are interested in ingesting alcohol while taking Ozempic.

While alcohol is permitted, some sufferers do discover that it might probably make some negative effects worse — like slight faintness, diarrhea, complications or nausea, particularly in the event that they is perhaps dehydrated or have low blood sugar as a result of not consuming sufficient energy.

It’s because each Ozempic and ingesting alcohol can have the impact of reducing blood sugar ranges. So, limiting alcohol consumption could also be a good suggestion to assist blood sugar management and any potential kidney issues.

Does Ozempic work together effectively with different drugs?

Most over-the-counter and even prescribed medicines are protected to take with Ozempic.

Nevertheless, if you happen to change what you’re taking because you final had a session with a Juniper prescriber, then simply get in contact and we’ll ensure you’re good to go by checking for any drug interactions.

Frequent self-care cures and over-the-counter drugs corresponding to Paracetamol or Ibuprofen for ache reduction, and Antihistamines for allergic reactions or hay fever, are protected to take whereas taking Ozempic.

In case you are uncertain, communicate to your native pharmacist or healthcare skilled.

Within the extremely unlikely occasion of a critical allergic response — signs embrace swelling of your face, lips or throat, issues respiratory or swallowing, fast heartbeat and extreme rash, we advocate searching for rapid medical care by means of your GP or nearest A&E service.

To reassure you, critical allergic reactions are very unusual throughout Ozempic remedy.

Taking Ozempic with different diabetes drugs corresponding to Metformin

Metformin is a standard prescription drug for sort 2 diabetes which is often used to deal with another well being circumstances corresponding to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

A number of medical trial research have been carried out throughout numerous sufferers who had been additionally taking Metformin for diabetes and the trials discovered there was no important impact on the blood ranges of Metformin and no particular precautions or adjustments to present Metformin remedy had been required [3][4][5][6][7][8].

Can I take dietary supplements or nutritional vitamins throughout remedy with it?

Sure, you may take meals dietary supplements corresponding to nutritional vitamins, minerals, probiotics and the like while taking Ozempic.

Natural medicines have restricted info accessible to be used alongside Ozempic and a few natural medicines definitely can work together with different pharmaceuticals.

Due to this fact, we advocate having a dialog along with your Juniper prescriber about any natural medicines you could be taking or contemplating when you may have a session in order that we are able to examine if it’s prone to be a protected mixture for you.

Precautions when taking it

It is best to solely take Ozempic if it has been prescribed for you by a clinician or healthcare supplier who’s competent and educated to prescribe it for weight reduction, corresponding to our Juniper prescribers.

We’ll all the time assess whether or not Ozempic will probably be protected and efficient for you as a person. And if this remedy is appropriate for you, by means of our Weight Reset Programme, we’ll assist you to attain your weight reduction with a mixture of medicine, way of life teaching, 1:1 well being monitoring and entry to a personal group of ladies who’re on the identical journey as you.

Be sure to all the time observe the directions on the pharmacy label and solely change your dose the place that is a part of your remedy plan. Ozempic ought to all the time be saved safely out of the sight and attain of kids and pets.

All the time learn the leaflet that comes along with your medication earlier than you utilize it for the primary time, and hold this helpful so you may consult with it for the right injection method every week, or to examine for any negative effects.

Listed here are different diet information so that you can take pleasure in!

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