Meal Prep For The Week In Under An Hour


Today’s meal prep is all about crafting a delicious and high-protein Sweet and Sour Chicken, accompanied by fluffy basmati rice. Here’s a quick rundown of how to prepare this dish in under an hour:

Meal Prep For The Week
  1. Rice Preparation:
    • Start with 300 grams of washed basmati rice.
    • Add 600 milliliters of cold water and a pinch of sea salt.
    • Bring to a boil, then simmer on low heat with the lid on for 14 minutes.
  2. Vegetable Prep:
    • Slice and dice three bell peppers and one medium-sized brown or yellow onion.
    • Combine in a bowl.
  3. Garlic and Ginger Paste:
    • Microplane four cloves of garlic and 15 grams of ginger into a paste.
  4. Protein Prep:
    • Cut 1.4 kilos of chicken breast into even pieces.
  5. Sweet and Sour Sauce:
    • Mix 125ml light soy sauce, 80ml pineapple juice, 80 grams of honey, 40ml Worcestershire sauce, 40ml apple cider vinegar, 40ml tomato sauce, and 12 grams of corn flour.
  6. Cooking the Dish:
    • Sauté onions and bell peppers in grapeseed oil, then set aside.
    • Cook chicken pieces in more oil, seasoning with sea salt.
    • Add the garlic and ginger paste to the chicken, followed by the vegetables.
    • Pour in the sweet and sour sauce, bring to a boil, and cook until thickened.
    • Optionally garnish with sesame seeds.
  7. Serving:
    • Serve the chicken over the rice, dividing the meal into five portions. Adjust the sauce evenly.
  8. Storage:
    • The meal prep can last up to four days in the fridge or four months in the freezer. Using vacuum-sealed containers can extend fridge life by an extra day.

This Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe is not only budget-friendly but also a great way to keep your meals exciting and nutritious throughout the week. Enjoy the perfect blend of sweet, sour, and umami flavors with this easy-to-follow meal prep guide.

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Meal Prep For The Week
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